About us

Mari Lill

Mari Lill is a well-known manufacturer brand in Europe, which has been creating premium quality wedding dresses for more than 80 cooperating salons in Poland and Europe for 30 years.
With years of experience and regular presence at major wedding fairs such as Barcelona Barcelona Bridal Fashion Week, Milano Bridal Week and Fashion Bridal Warszawa, our designs always keep up with the spirit of the times and fashion.
In 2017, we decided to open our corporate, large and modern atelier in Wroclaw.
Since then, we have managed to gather an experienced and professional team, which has already managed to make hundreds or even thousands of our clients happy.
Due to the fact that Mari Lill salon in Wroclaw is a brand manufacturer’s showroom, we can influence the individual sewing of a dress for each of our customers.
You are welcome !